More than a Name Change

For over 20 years, the Opportunity Council has successfully positioned businesses, enabling them to deliver value to our state’s largest employers.


The Opportunity Council is more than a name change. The focus has shifted from small disadvantaged business - to businesses serving all members of the Colorado business community. This will accommodate for the growth potential that surrounds us. 


No matter what "designation" your entity may carry, the emphasis is placed upon creating strategic partnerships, and presenting "ready-now" business models. And so... our name underscores the importance of opportunity in its widest and most inclusive form. Our organization continues to grow, and our aim is to continue to grow with you.

What can you Expect?

The entrepreneur's "take-aways" will include specific suggestions on how to cultivate new relationships. Detailed advice will be offered on how to pursue opportunities and present your best attributes to companies with whom you seek a partnership. After all, how can success be determined unless it is measured?


The OC will assist by advocating for your value and providing candid feedback which will increase chances for success - such as tips on self-empowering strategies and tactics.


Member companies are eager to educate potential partners on what they have historically budgeted for, and what they expect to spend on small business relationships in the near and medium term. It's an exciting time to come to The OC.